Our Campus

Vailankanni School, a premier educational institution is recognized by the government of tamil nadu.
It was founded on 1983 by the late Mrs Malathy Panicker and late Dr.R.K.Pillai. This institution provides Right Education for the Right People at the Right Time with Knowledge that is Practical, Purposeful and Productive. The school provides a nurturing environment dedicated to the Holistic growth and development of every facet of child’s multiple  intelligence and crowns their minds with ethics to evolve into socially conscious global citizen of tomorrow.
Our priority is to cultivate the primary greatness of the children and ensure the full flowering of their personal.

Our Mission

To develop each student’s academic and other abilities to the highest level of excellence of which they are capable so they achieve beyond expectations and to prepare each student to be compassionate and responsible members of rapidly changing global society.


Vailankanni school has well qualified experienced and dedicated faculty who act as facilitators for the holistic development of student. They focus on bringing in fresh perspectives’ new ideas and share a passion for continuous improvement in all facets of education.
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Children are the same everywhere , ready to grasp at knowledge offered to them with sparkling eyes and infectious curiosity, we provide children access to quality education to empower them with right set of skills as we not only have to light the lamp in our children but also to nurture it.
Here at vailankanni we teach the children by reading curiosity so they continue the learning process as long as they live.